"Look Up" Halo 4 custom map

Look up is a Halo 4 flood custom map. The spartans start in a maze of breakable multicoloured shields, and the flood far above ready to drop down and attack. The fact that at any moment an infected could appear in front of you adds to the fun and makes this map a little scary when playing as a team with game chat on. I would advise you played with as many people as possible. From what I have found, the more people that play, the funner it is.
I’m not sure why but some of the shields may not be coloured when you download the map.

Gamertag - Tedshot 1
Map name - Look up
Gametype - Look up

Pics - (sorry for the bad quality I had to take pictures of the tv from my phone)

http://i.imgur.com/05gk5.jpg - Flood view

http://i.imgur.com/jv1UN.jpg - Spartan view

Happy playing!

btw I have many more maps that in my opinion are better than this one, and I will be posting them shortly :smiley: