Look to Halo Bowl for the Next Voting System

Firstly, if you haven’t tried Halo Bowl, check it out. I think it’s extremely clever, fast paced and fun.

It took me a half-dozen games to realize something about that playlist, though. The time between games is significantly less than any other playlist, past or present. The reason? One gametype, one map, sure; but that also means… no vote.

I can finally say I have experienced Halo 4 matchmaking with no voting.

Not that I really thought about it much before… but I guess I didn’t know what I missing. I really enjoy this cut-down matchmaking experience. It takes me straight into the action as often as possible. I think there’s merit to that and it’s worth exploring.

So what about this seedling of a thought for future Halo matchmaking? It’s surely too late for the next title, but then again by this time so are most things we debate around here.

Imagine a matchmaking system where you get two options: gametype and team size. That’s it. Punch in those two criteria and off you’re off to laser other Spartans.

By eliminating the voting system you lose out on some, but not all, of the pre-game chatter. This could be viewed as a negative by some, and I can see their point. But you’ll still have lobby time when players carry over between games, so there’s that.

By eliminating the vote and replacing it with mandatory choices for the 2 most important aspects of any vote. You get exactly the gametype you want with exactly the kind of action you want. Honestly, I’m okay with random maps. They’re already random to begin with when you think about it.

Even if this has been done in another game (has it? I don’t get around much these days…) I think it has merit for Halo. Discuss. And then play Halo Bowl before it goes!

I love spartan bowl for the same reasons. Awesome gamtype and I do agree with you.
I haven’t felt this amazed by a gametype since well…grifball came out.

And this is better than grifball!

I believe it was Maximus IL who posted a similar suggestion in the Matchmaking forum. Instead of playlists, allow players to search on gametype and map with priorities or restrictions on connection, skill, and DLC. I think it’s a great idea if it could be implemented.