Look Sensitivity Does Not Feel Right

I’ve been playing matchmaking with sensitivity at max because looking around with the Assault Rifle feels too sluggish without it, but I’m finding that max sensitivity makes aiming nearly impossible with almost every other gun. Is this expected?

It’s making me either stick entirely with the AR on high sensitivity, or use lower sensitivity and never use the AR or any other close range weapon (I’m finding the same behavior across all of them), and it feels kind of awful. I’ve never had to avoid certain guns in a Halo game because the controls were inconsistent.

I’m on PC playing with a controller.

I play on 6 and it’s comfortable for me in nearly all my engagements. The only guns I have issues with are the Stalker Rifle and sometimes the Commando.

Yeah, you’re not wrong. The aim sensitivity settings are broken. I have the opposite issue, where 10 feels dog slow, so it seems that they’ve essentially compressed the sensitivity settings to have effectively the same max turn speed… I’ve tested this between 10 and 5, and it takes the same time to do a full 360 on either setting…

You should try tweaking acceleration, input thresholds, and deadzones if you haven’t already, as that should help someone interested in lower sensitivity. In particular, I’d recommend dropping your acceleration.