Look out for the Little Guys not working?

Hello all! I just completed the level Two Betrayals with a friend on split-screen co-op on my xbox, and we tried to get the achievement Look out for the Little Guys. It took us awhile, and at the close of the level, the achievement was received! However, only my friend got it!! Why did that happen? I suppose it may have been possible I killed a grunt, but wouldn’t that have voided it for the both of us? I’m kind of disappointed, this took a lot of time to be glitched like that.

From what I’ve read if you kill one grunt you have to restart the level or it will not count. Sucks I know. Best bet is to stick on the boom skull and bandana and grunt funeral and let your partner lob grenades at everything.

Ok, thank you! I must’ve killed a grunt along the way, and he didn’t so now I can just go through and have a friend kill everyone. Just sucks to do it twice.

Just run through the mission. While going for the Achievement I just ran past every large group of enemies other than flood only zones. Its a bit quicker, then again I know alot a tricks for CE. no glitches but I can bypass stuff or get to places you’d expect to be blocked. The other week I got on top of the silent cartographer with a warthog and some grenades. And no, I didn’t do the launch. I always die.

Yeah, just remember that the flood is the easiest part to deal since they kill grunts for you without you killing them. It’s pretty darn convenient, don’t you think?