Longshot: who is Cortana more important too?

Hello fellow brothers in virtual arms, I had a little idea dawn on me after looking down at my phone and seeing a white box appear, reading “Cortona is not available at the moment.” To my surprise, I was not aware my phone had some version of Microsoft Windows running on it (oh Dear Lord, that explains a lot), but even more, I did not know the A.I. corrupting intelligence bug was also on my device (damn you Cortana for sending me into the woods, or was that just Google maps in general?) Did some research, and I’m sure this isn’t old news, but it certainly could be interesting if you believe Cort’s reappearance in Guardians, especially after her graceful leave in Halo 4, was anything but graceful.

So, what’s my point? Two other conglomerates (Amazon, Google) provide voice assisted systems, Alexa and Home, while “Cortona” is on the come up from the Microsoft team. And may I not forget, First Lady Siri, who has been -Yoink!- off people since 2011. For just about everybody whose touched, tasted, or got the pleasure to watch this brilliant, at times excruciating, franchise evolve, they’ve come to know a witty, reliable human-like ally on the side of Chief (subsequently, his greatest adversary now…), so again, whats the point?

Her reemergence provides a boost to their underlying voice assisted app; Microsoft’s aided by a unique marketing source neither Google, Apple, or Amazon are capable of, yet. I’ve actually enjoyed using this app, it’s pretty useful especially if you drive a lot and need access to information from your phone/tablet for work or just navigation, hands free voice enable devices are clutch. I’d be a liar to say I wasn’t drawn too it more knowing where the origins of the “actual” Cortona come from; a delight for most nerds and fans alike playing through this war-torn universe.

Just a shot in the barrel, I’m sure there are better conspiracy theories somewhere, written by someone; this I think though could be plausible on Mars. Leave your comments below.

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> Hello fellow brothers in virtual arms,

There are girls here too…

And I’ve been thinking maybe they brought Cortana back in Halo 5 just because of this app? Maybe they thought it would be weird to have their voice assistant thing based on a dead character. Is that what you’re saying?

It’s been theorized alot and in more direct means. TBH I largely find it baseless, especially when h5 goes out of its way to ruin ever likeable quality about her.

There’s plenty of things marketed off of characters who’re dead in their current products.