Longest online match

I recently had a 3v3 online standard match which lasted for 32 minutes (although 4 players resigned within the first 5 minutes so technically it was a 1v1 match :-D)So I am just a little curious about how long your longest match was. My apologies if you already encountered this same post on the Campaign section I wasn’t paying attention when I posted it.

When I used to play Halo Wars, 32 minutes would have been a short game, with my longest game, maybe stretching to a few hours?

Yes, 32 minutes is relatively short for a Halo Wars game. I’ve had plenty of games last upwards of an hour, but those weren’t my longest.

Longest was about 2 - 3 hours on glacial ravine. 3v3 party teams

Oh man, Halo Wars… Hours, maybe 2 and 30 minutes. 3v3, just rushing with an army of the same type of unit :slight_smile: