Longer delay then people may expect

So, this article as well as well as one recently posted by IGN go over some very worrisome issues with the games development. The main ones being a larger than usual outsourcing of the work, internal creative conflict, management’s focus on the TV show (which is not even canon) instead of the game, new engine, marketing vs engineering and covid-19. With all of these development issues, I am honestly expecting infinite to be delayed until Q3 or Q4 of 2021.

I am optimistic for Halo Infinite, but if we are seeing repeated issues such as marketing pushing ahead when they shouldn’t, internal conflict on the direction for the game as well as the additions of managements shifted focus, I honestly do not think this game is releasing soon. This is fine in the long run but also worrisome when ti comes to what the quality is going to be when the game fully launches.

Curious if others thing this back end troubles are going to delay the game longer then expected.