Long range or up close.

Do u like shooting long range or up close? I want to know who likes long vs close.
I like long range kuz it’s hard for people to find me.

I prefer mid range.

Im more close range because its easier to get a kill as the enemy cant just hide behind an object

The further away the more likely i am to win. Close quarters has too many 1 hit kills.

I like mid range the most. I’m bad at long range unless I have the carbine with which I’ve gotten my best kills.

Both, I love up close but it so satisfying getting those long range kills.

I stick to long-mid range with an up close and personal secondary weapon for the times the enemy starts closing in. Usually sentinel BR & SMG.

Mid range I guess. I don’t like maps with huge range but too close is also not working great for me in H5.

I’m lethal at all ranges. Kappa

Close to mid is my preference but I will go long range when I have a DMR or sniper.

Long range, I seem to win most long range battles, face to face one on ones and i lose 90% of the time. Plus i like the long range weapons a lot more than the close/mid ones.

I could go either way. Shotgun up close, Sentinel BR far away.

Mid for the win

I can use both but I prefer close quarters

CQC, shotguns, smgs, beating people to death, these are some of my favorite things.

I’d say mid. Anytime I get in close I might finish off my opponent but then get picked off by another. Anytime I try long range they either hide and survive or I get flanked (although that is mostly my fault for staying scoped too long and not checking radar) so I believe mid is the best. Easy enough to win a 1v1 and you have enough distance for a retreat if need be.

I am best at mid range