Long Night Of Solace Not Showing Completed

I’ve been playing through Halo Reach’s campaign on legendary from the Windows 10 Master Chief Collection. Tonight I played Long Night Of Solace and Exodus. After saving and quitting for a quick break I realized that Exodus showed completed on Legendary but Long Night Of Solace did not show completed at all.

When I initially tried to play the level by resuming my previous campaign session, it kept closing out. The mission wouldn’t start until I launched the level anew. I think this level may be glitching out. I saw a few other forums discussing this topic. Anyone else having this problem?

I really don’t wanna have to redo the whole mission again only to have the chance of it glitching out again. The part where you have to fight off Seraphs in a Sabre is too frustrating :frowning:

I’m having the same issue when doing the Legendary Campaign Playlist. I am trying to resume the playlist with Long Night of Solace and it keeps going to a white screen and then exits out of the mission.

I can start the mission by going to Missions and selecting it, but when I try to resume the Playlist, it kicks me off.