Long MM times?

Is it just me, or is it taking forever to get into matches? When I start searching I immediately get into a full game. After about 10 seconds someone leaves. Then every 3 minutes after that one more person gets disconnected until there are 3 people left, then it disconnects me from the lobby. I repeat for about 30 minutes until I finally get into a game. I have a moderate NAT. Has this been happening to anyone else, or is it just a network problem on my end?

It happens to me and my friends too, beta bug I guess?

Maybe. And I know the population isn’t as high as it would be if the game were publicly released. It’s just a little unsettling after all the MM bugs in MCC to have MM issues in this game as well. That’s why I want to know if it is my network or theirs. It doesn’t instill enough confidence for me to preorder the game at this point, but if it comes out and there are no issues, I will more than gladly buy the game.

Yeah, I think this happens to everyone.

Just like the MCC now.

343 has no clue what they are doing with the xbox one and it’s architecture. They need Respawn to teach them.

Actually, I would love for Respawn to send guys down there to help them. Titanfall had very solid MM and game mechanics.

I just wish I could play…I keep getting a server error, and I get booted back to the playlist screen.

It seems to be better for me today. What about you?