Long matchmaking waiting time + Begged bug

So since Season 5 come out, I’ve notice that I am barely making it into any games; Firefight, Social and Comp. It takes a long 40minutes to get into 1 match and just depends on luck if I get into another match after that.

I am within the UK & play on the console version of MCC so idk if that’s the issue but I’m wondering if anyone else also having any issues trying to match into comp or social games and if there’s anyway to work around that.

Also another note is the “Because you begged” challenge, first off. I HAVE followed the instructions on resetting my save progress but I’m still unable to unlock a challenge after 60+ attempts. I have tried various spots on the PoA or Nightfall but still nothing. Has there been any updates on this or are we suppose to just waste hours upon hours on crossing out fingers to unlock it?

Yeh I have done the because you begged over 100 times. It is so annoying I hate this challenge

I’ve never had any issues with the “Because you begged” challenge (or even the achievement back in the day), so unfortunately I’m not going to be able to provide much help there. What I can do to help however is dig deeper into why it may be taking so long to find games.

Firstly, let’s verify that we have input based and platform based matchmaking disabled. To check/alter these settings from the main menu go to:
Options and Career > Settings > Network > Input-Based Matchmaking = Disabled
Options and Career > Settings > Network > Platform-Based Matchmaking = Disabled

Next, let’s also verify that we have multiple regions available for play. If you can provide a screenshot of this page to show the regions and ping times that would be helpful! Again from the main menu:
Options and Career > Settings > Network

<em>Next, we want to make sure that you have an open NAT type. We can check by doing the following:</em>
Xbox Dashboard > Settings > General > Network Settings > Test NAT type

It might also help to make sure you have the latest update to the game. We can check by doing the following:

  • Locate MCC and click the menu button on your controller. - Navigate to and select “Manage game and add-ons” - Navigate to and select “Updates”