Lone Wolf

I was watching some videos of the Lone Wolf level at the end of Reach. It got me curious… what is your longest survival time for Lone Wolf? If you can, make a video and post it here to show how long YOU survived.

I can’t go longer than 5 minutes.
(story of my love life…)

Actually, I think the longest I’ve gone in Lone Wolves is like 7-8 minutes. That’s good, right?

Depends on what everyone else says.

I did 15 minutes on easy, 10 normal, about 7 in heroic, and in legendary… no comment.

I heard someone went like 30 minutes in mythic.

I have gone for 25 minutes on Heroic but thats it.

About 20 minutes on Normal, when I went back through on Legendary I was swarmed by small grunts and died before the 3 minute marker.

The dastardly pests they are…

:frowning: Not long at all. BTW, I think, on easy, you could last long if you used the drop shield to recover health. However, I haven’t tested it.

Not long, simply because it would remove the sorrow theme of the ending if I survived to long. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have lasted 1 hr before with LASO

Believe me or not there is two times a Golden Elite that comes with a Sword.

It begins with Ultras and grunts, then Ultras with concussion rifles, then Generals with swords and concussion rifles only.

One thing that did catch my attention was a Banshee that was High Jackable came down but i couldnt catch it due to the rather powerful enemies and the need to keep strong weapons.

Sigh maybe ill attempt it again somtime.

In theory, you could go forever if you hide in one of the cylinders… but… it probably wouldn’t be very entertaining. xP

Hiding isnt exactly the Coragous way to go…

on easy i survived 47mins then got swarmed by sword elites and B.O.B

Not long 2/3 mins on legendary not good at all.

It’s possible to go indefinitely, but I have a record on EASO (EASY All Skulls On :P) for about 30 minutes.