Lone wolf, Forging a legend achievements glitched

On my service record here and on the xbox i have 15/15 legendary solo games i know i did them all solo bc i didnt touch online untill i finished them i left my xbox on sitting in half the games for hours i they all say 15/15 yet both achievements are stuck at 93% give me my damn achievements you already destroyed the campaign by giving us robots that drive my warthog into a wall or stand next to me and let me die and dont revive me can i just get my achievements

I have the same problem!!!
Very annoying to go through all that and get no reward, I just want my damn achievements!

I’ve been doing a legendary play-through to get both the ‘Lone Wolf’ and ‘Forging a Legend’ achievements but the progress for both is stuck on 46% when it should be at 60%. I don’t want to continue my play-through until I know my progress will be recorded again, rather than frozen at 46%. I’m only having these problems since the big dashboard update, before then everything worked fine

I only have 9 achievements left to get (7 co-op and 2 legendary), and it is very frustrating for a bug like this to derail my progress.

I’m pretty sure this is a known problem on the Xbox’s end of things. Halo 5 isnt the only effected game and sometimes the achievements just sit at even 100% without popping for days (even HMCC had this). Occasionally I’d get an achivement in the mornings for just turning on the TV and drinking coffee in my pants.

considering ive hard reset my xbox 5 times and even updated it it has nothing to do with it not popping keelah it ddidnt register one of the missions yet on the service record like i said if you read the post its at 93% so go away