Lone Wolf | A Major Halo Machinima Project

After the events of Halo 3 Masterchief Sacrificed himself for the survival of humanity, he thought he put an end to the human - covenant war, a year passes of total peace, but the covenant survived and reform to take down the now crippled UNSC without Chief. The Covenant Attack Earth, And Human Outer Colonies, this day is known as the Day The Aggression. Covenant take control and rule over everything, and the only surviving spartan fireteam and Lone Wolf Commander to take care of the covenant once and for all.

I’m Trying To Recreate All The Classic Fell Of A Good Machinima, Like In Rise Of The Spartans. This Is My First Work So I Really Hope You Enjoy?

(Alternate Version Of Halo’s Lore).
Lone Wolf’s First Episode Is Up Now, If Your Interested Give It A Look, And Enjoy!

Link: - YouTube

If Your Interested In Becoming Actor For The Machinima Let Me Know.

Msg Me On Xbox: BZ Central

Hope You Enjoy, All Map Credits To Forge Creators Are Linked In Description! :slight_smile:

Episode 2 Releases Soon.


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