I can stop it. With a sticky…

my sides… im joining this revolution XD

Funniest -Yoinking!- video I have seen in a while. Can’t stop laughing.

So true.

Heh, amusing. (AND F$%@!ING TRUE!)

-Yoink- just got real O_O

lol there is nothing worth than camping+clock+boltshot… noob class 1

Very good video.


1:37 is everything that is wrong with Halo 4. All that was missing was him in Active Camo

That was beautiful xDDDDD

Huzzah!! Throw the boltshotters to the ground!! Dismantle their oppressive establishment!! Take up arms and show them who’s boss!!

The funniest thing is to kill a BSer close range by a plasma pistol charge and melee…ticks them off it’s hilarious.

Awesome stuff! smash the sneaky boltshoters lol.

Wow. Such strategies they have (NOT!!!), especially at the end.

I clicked this thread to move it to the Community Creations Forums and ended up watching a ton of youtube videos on Halo 4 map remakes…

Anyways im moving this to community creations now :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the pleasant distraction!

I need more of this!

I now know what I need to get rid of those boltshotters, thank you…

I hate those noobers as I’m more of an uplcose personal person who likes to say whats up with my arm…