Lol who actually likes flood?

LOl zombies are damn OP and the humans are weak as hell.

Infection is like 10 times better.

When will they chang it, start with this 343i MAKE THE DAMN ZOMBIES WEAKER and kill them with headshots.

Last man standing… 5 seconds later… Round over, Every freakin game.

I love it way better than infection I actually play it now from time to time. Humans need more ammo, that’s all.

How are they weak dude it’s called a headshot.

Thruster pack is ruining everything. And we don’t have our own spartan color in the human side… 5/10

Halo 2 - zombies too weak - Player created
Halo 3 - zombies just right - Bungie
Halo Reach - zombies just right - Bungie
Halo 4 - zombies clusterfucking everything -343

Nobody… It’s stupid!!!

When you get infected, the flood UI is bad, makes your eyes hurt.

But yeah, flood need to be weaker…

I love it but the thrusters man they can be hard to avoid.

I love flood for the most part. It could use some tweaks, though.

I actually think the Flood are perfect the way they are.

I like it as is. Just tone down thruster a bit, add some more ammo for humans, and it’s prefect. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, being a zombie in H3 sucked. You were so pitifully weak and at the mercy of the humans sense of awareness.

Last Man Standing needs overshield and a small damage resistance boost to make it useful.

I love how the OP hasn’t actually played Halo 4.

Flood would have to be my least favorite playlist in the entire game. I would have rather wanted Zombies just like Halo 3 or Halo: Reach over Flood. By replacing Zombies with Flood you eliminated a TON of custom game types that were very popular in Halo 3 and in Halo:Reach. I don’t know if any of you ever played Duck Hunt on Halo 3 or Halo: Reach but that was a damn good Zombie game type in my honest opinion. I think Flood is just 343’s way of trying to revamp something that didn’t need to be revamped and it failed horribly.