Lol, this is pathetic

When you mute a lobby and press x instead of y it disconnects you with a DNF even though its not listed as an option to even press. Sad really.


Did you report it?


That’s a weird one.

Has it happened more than once? Is it reproducible?

If it’s not a known bug you should report it.


What exactly happened?

I’m going to have to try this out next time I hop on the game. Screen record if you can and submit it.

Its happened to me and my friend before because we always joke about how you have to enter the right cheat code/ button combo to mute people or you get kicked. Ive tried looking before and im pretty sure it doesnt even show press whatever button to quit so its probably a glitch. Its annoying because most shooting games muting takes 2 button presses but for some reason this game takes like 3 or 4 button presses to mute all and if you enter the wrong combo you get kicked


Feature? What is being talked about?

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I assume they are referring to some way of quitting without penalty?

Time for you to get another hobby.