LOL they’re selling us blue (again) in the store for 7 bucks

I like how the Halo Waypoint app has the wrong bundle shown for one of the items lol.

Also, guess that’s the bundle that has Carter’s Shoulders… = /

Don’t buy it though. It’s actually the Samurai bundle…


It is the same exact coating as cadet blue just for Yoroi. Every coating is already cross core they just split it up so they can sell you it individually. This also applies to weapon/vehicle coatings as well. It’s just 343 selling us the same thing multiple times with little to no work on their end.

Yep that’s right the entire customization system ruined just so they can sell you blue for $8


It’s so anti consumer that I am SHOCKED they could even say they were “coming at this with a player first mentality” with a straight face earlier last year lmao. So bad


Based on how you feel you should love this video. Wait till the end.

I actually think the armor effects and such are a cool addition to the game. And stuff that actually belongs in the store.

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I think it’s all silly. All the orginal amours should’ve been first and foremost. All of blue team. All of reach team. All the basics. Then from there they could’ve added whatever they wanted. Right now Im used to that from older Halo games. Coming this is a bit jarring


This blue is lucky though. You’re not paying for Recruit Blue, you’re paying for the luck.


I think 343I created a problem, and are selling the solution.
The store is the solution.


Nothing personal, but who really gives a flying hoot? 343 is all wash up, that’s all anyone needs to know.

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gotta love how i can’t have BLUE or other primary colors for the armor i got. nope, gotta pay up for a solid color.
i’d get if the blue had like a different pattern or was glossy/sparkly or something… but just regular old blue? come on 343, that’s just annoying


Let me explain what their plan is. Also this is going to be a long explanation.

So 343 gave us 60 default colors in H5.

Fast forward to Halo Infinite and you get 10 of those colors for free.

Now notice how They made Armor Coatings Locked to specific Cores. Why? So they can sell you one of the remaining 50 default colors more than once.

My evidence: Scarlet wake, Scarlet Skies and Scarlet Empress are all the same Default red, ots the same shade of red you got free in H5. And they sold us that same red renamed in three separate bundles.

The game has 4 catigories mostyl,

Armor/Weapon/VEHICLES/ Nameplate Emblem.

So they took the restrictive methods of customization and took it further.

Emblems… Why sell you an emblem once when they can sell it to you 4 times to justify it as more content.

Evidence: The Current Yoroi 2000 credit bundle. States 5 items.
1 Armor affect.
1 Emblem( but the emblem appears 4 times locked to each Catigory stated above)

They made a very robust customization system and went and restricted players down to each individual thing.

They had no intention to make cross core customization because again they wanted a way to re sell you the duplicates items.

Why let you put that Reach Armor attachment on your MK7 when they can sell it to you in a bundle with 5 duplicated Emblems.

This was the plan to limit the items to 1 thing so they can re sell you the same coating. Imagine. Buying the same coating each week for one thing. One Weapon, 1 vehicle 1 Core.

Now take the 50 default colors and imagine how many times over they can do this just using those 50 default colors.


Colors and armor were free in every other Halo, zoomer


That video literally got in my youtube recommended a few days ago.

Better yet, look at how BTB broke just as they left for a break.


In Halo 5 we had 60 default colors.

Halo infinite gave us 10.

They went from give us more to take it away and give it back slowly at a price.

That’s Halo in a nutshell lol.

Let’s not give them New content, let’s take away a ton of features and slowly drip feed them back to the players and call it new content.


I’m just glad that I will essentially be getting at minimum the next 20 Battlepass for free. So far I haven’t touched that store …at least with my own money at least… All Xbox points.


You can probably get them free forever if you do all the stuff in the rewards app. The montlys alone will get you 6000 in in 3 months. So you need to get less than 4000 in weeklies and dailies. Even easier if you have game pass quests as well.

I’m assuming there will be three a year after 2022 so given I have around 255 on Xbox money from rewards, GamStop Pro Members points redeemed and the 5 bucks each. Month redeemed for Xbox money…

I will get them all for free… It’s amazing knowing I don’t actually have to spend money on this game.

Wait what the eff are you guys talking about? There’s a way to get free Xbox money you can spend in the infinite store???

Yea dude if you have Gamepass you have these little mission like log into the Gamepass app, or log into x gamepass game… Than you turn those in to get points. And you can build up those points and redeem them for stuff like Xbox money

I have been doing it for a while now and have accrued a ton of Xbox money


The Microsoft Rewards app is even faster to get rewards in my experience, and it doesn’t require gamepass.

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