Lol swat body shots

You made a swat game with manglers killing jn 2 body shots
Lmao swat is headshots
How do you mess up your own game 343


Lol, not when I play it.

Mangler swat is tbh refreshing. Headshots with a mangler are super satisfying because of that arc and travel time.


But if you headshot you kill in one? So basically youre mad youre missing your shots?


If I remember correctly, some earlier versions of Swat had more health, so that the TTK difference between a headshot and bodyshots was higher.

I actually kind of agree with OP that our health feels a little too low in Infinite’s Swat. Yes headshots are still instant kills, but bodyshot kills feel really forgiving/easy and even melees can instant kill (I think Reach didn’t let you kill in one melee from the front in Swat if I remember correctly.)

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I know this is being sarcastic, but what haven’t they screwed up with Infinite thinking “they are improving things” by changing what was never broken?

You asked how did they mess this up, and I’m thinking I could forgive them making small mistakes, but the entire game is messed up.

My question would be, how does a multi billion dollar company that had 6 years of development, that has all the resources they need with over a decade of working with Halo mess up an entire game this bad???

You know you can headshot with the mangler right?

its a question we all have, and so far 343’s excuses are innumerable for the awful state of this game

I don’t even know how Microsoft finds all this acceptable and I wonder if they are going to man up or not, and actually do something about them.

Mangler swat is one of my favorites in the playlist.


The pistol version sucks for the same reason. you can spam 3 body shots faster then someone can hit a headshot sometimes depending on the server and desync

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So your gripe is with a single variant out of five variant modes that sprinkles some flavor on the overall experience?

Try that against someone who can actually head tap you. Good luck.

It’s a unique version of swat exclusively for the event that will only exist for two more days. This is entirely not worth being mad about, and there is PLENTY to be mad about regarding this game.

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