Lol i'm not doing challenges

Yeah sorry 343 not going to buy another season pass either this is the most unfun halo I’ve ever played and it’s all because greed.


bye you wont be missed

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We all understand the egregious behavior happening in the game, the entire website is filled with forums discussing it in great detail. I’ve seen you post only reactionary, all or nothing, fix today or never sort of posts. You really won’t be missed with the behavior you’ve presented to the community. We get it, you don’t have to keep beating a dead horse. Did you enjoy the actual GAMEPLAY

Only if I cared lol.

I have one of the most viewed videos on youtube for halo infinite lol

But you must care to post about it. Kinda defeating your own point. An no one cares about your YouTube video.

Nah I dont care if some rando cares lol thank you for commenting and giving this more views so 343 can see please keep responding

What you seriously think because some random dude with a YouTube video crying and spitting his dummy out they are gonna change everything just to suit you? Wow the delusional and entitled attitude you have is just disgusting.

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You’re delusional lol keep it up

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. The halo community won’t miss you.

Funny never said I was quitting :wink: just the game is bad

If the game is bad, then why are you playing it still?

So you can use click bait properly? Hmm… weird flex. How many subs do you have on this thriving youtube channel?

why do you need exposure on this tiny forum if you already have a wildly successful youtube channel tho?? hmmmmmmm are you sure you aren’t one of those people that puts “twitch streamer” in their twitter bio when they only have 1-10 followers?

Challenges arent even hard you just suck lmao

Yup -Yoink!- that lol. And -Yoink!- paying for anything in the battle pass too. Looks like my spartan is going to be recruit armor forever