Lol... I really did not expect them to not fix

The game by removing or adding block crossplay option to fix the lag… is it that bad trying hqrd to prioritize money…? It’s the simplest solution to fix the game :rofl::rofl::rofl: but yeah of course, still prioritizing PC players especially there’s still annoying cheaters after coming back when quit for months…

No co-op, forge, what the…

No wonder why manority xbox players are quitting, whats the point of playing the game if forced to play against cheaters especially in rank I just dont get how stupid you’d have to be to force xbox players to compete in crossplay… I got an xbox instead of the PC majority because to AVOID cheaters… it’s a no brainer really…

You force xbox players to lag with PC players but it also affects some of them too, but force xbox to be PC players by getting destroyed by cheaters & dealing with lag… I… what’s the issue on not being able to understand the data & statistics…? It’s just like real world , if youre going to force people to work in horrible conditions & crap pay, you’re going to lose workers… same concept…

You LOSE money by forcing people to be unhappy… you lose even MORE when you LIE, no co-op, no forge, no fixing the lag by removing/adding block feature, you just lose everything… Previous halo were successful because they went by what the players wanted, even all matchmaking ranked, players had fair playing field all the same consoles, no lag…

Please explain what’s so hard about doing what the players want, why don’t you want to make halo successful…? How did it get so bad to get blinded by greed & money, what led to force xbox players to compete against $pc players…?

What did you expect…


Yes, I also got an Xbox to avoid cheaters.

Would love to turn crossplay off one of these seasons…apparently there are not enough people still playing Infinite to support this though.


Is this only about the hardware advantage (yeah, controller vs mouse is already bad enough :frowning: ) or is there even more real cheating possible?

I mean, “fix the lag” sounds not like cheating but something that is out of their and our control… that’s the internet, or not getting something?

Lag is inherent to an online experience due to network communication between devices and servers. It always has been and always will be.

Crossplay restrictions absolutely will not get rid of lag, it’s simply a byproduct of gaming online.

Any assertion to the contrary shows a lack of understanding of basic computation and the concept of communication over distance.

While optional Crossplay should be a thing, the very fact Crossplay exists is a miracle that’s a more than a decade too late.

What I would’ve given to play Halo and CoD in 2007 from my PC with my friends who all had 360’s. Being able to do it 15 years later is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to gaming in my conscious lifetime.

I assume you make that statement to say mouse is stronger than controller? Because from my experience this game is insanely easier on controller.

I’ve been a M&K user for years now. I’ve played and trained in highly fast paced and precision based games that have made me a decent threat on PC. With that in mind, I have to work so hard to get so little in Infinite.

I hadn’t used a controller in years, and even when I did I wasn’t great at using it. I decided to plug it in, and the game become incredibly easy right off the bat. Didn’t have to work for a single kill. The sniper basically got me kills without needing me to aim much at all.

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I love how the premise of these cheater complaints is that every PC is automatically a cheat but then their Turbo Controllers never get a mention, and that’s without considering the fact that Controller AA in Infinite is pretty strong at mid ranges and that a normal PC player also has to deal with anti-aim assist that pushes the sniper rifle away when not scoped.

Yea cheaters are bad and should be banned but Console players who pretend they’re saints piss me off more.


bruh r u alright? You sounding pretty mental here I would know since I have schizophrenia


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wait no im not augh4t!1!11 im bored lol… dis is wat happens iz we all go insane!1!


I always wanted crossplay but not like this where you’re force to… sadface

Rank games should be optional… thats all im asking why is it such a big deal, the end of the world if we get to have OUR [the XBOX PLAYERS I QUOTE TEH ONLY ONES THAT wants THE options I mean, it’s not like all of us will block, it’s just a few that wants our happiness back lol… )

Really what’s the threat…? It’s not ALL its a few would use calm down… I mean why would ALL xbox players choose block PC players…? Thats just silly thinking silly wabbit :]

i just want real challenges, real competition with a real fair level playing field what’s the problem with that???

How much simpler can I get… can’t get a real competition gaming experience, fortnite forces it, sot forces it… if i wanted pc, id get pc but i dont want it… :rofl:

Xbox is no longer an xbox if it’s forced, and the lag is terrible tell me what’s right & good about it how awesome it is I need to hear 1 more time for everyoneto see :]

I edited, added more in :heart:

Gotta see that debate & yes… it’s hard… that’s the point you need to learn how to challenge…


If I gotta get stupider & simpler to prove a pointless non-scientific debate to git my gam3 bqk so be itz… :pig:

There’s bugger all aim assist on the sniper in Infinite on controller so either you’re better than you suggest or you were mistaken. Fair enough on the aim assist on other guns hip firing but the sniper is pretty unforgiving in Infinite compared to other titles.

Incidentally in the main subject I have no idea why there is no toggle for at least console players to disable cross play. The main advantage of switching to console when I did in 2006 was no more cheaters like on PC but the current trend seems to be forcing console players back into playing with them. May as well switch back to PC gaming at this rate.

If you want, look at my current match histories (ignore the 8 lost in row thats normal due to teammate lagged out by pc players)

But anyways yeah take a good look at each stats, the #1 #2 #3 is always the pc/k&m, very rare for me to see controller/xbox win… :frowning: dont count me in though, i dont count take me out #1 and count these pc players average k/d, accuracy, etill destroying thise dbox plqy3rs sadfacie

I just wNna know waii itz so important that force crossplay must be on for ALL xbox players… why cant a few xbox playerz has option to disabile crossplay & enjoy rank games… like why… why must it be forced its just a few xbox players, not ALL…

Sheezh Pc needs to relax… its only a f3w…

Tell 343 to pull up their pants with that Anti-Cheat then. It’s pure hubris for 343 to just launch Infinite with virtually no anti-cheat in the first place, so if you want to direct your rage, direct it at 343 first until they actually give us a proper anti-cheat.

Till then, play MCC. That’s where you have a better quality Halo experience. We could use more players here anyway.

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I report/block any PC players I encounter by default.

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Yus but what about tha option for few xbox players to have em, whats wrong with allowing few xbox players to has has crossplay block feature :E

Like why prioritize anticheat & not fix the simplest solution to lag, cheaters, m&k wrecking xbox players in rank…?

I dont want anticheat, i want pc blocky block in rank why is it such a big deal thwt i cant has my xbox back…? I didnt buy pc, i bought xbox you know… right…?

It’s like… boom! Mindblowing right?! Like why force xbox to play against pc when they dont wanna :frowning: is dis the future of gaming industry to start forcing $…?

I did buy a xbox though, not pc ya know wut i meeeen…?


There’s absolutely no proof that crossplatform play is the root of lag in this title or any crossplatform title for that matter because if you disable crossplatform play in any other title, lag still exists in a common capacity.

Lag has existed as long as online gaming has been a thing, you’re using a common easily explained problem that’s been plaguing the hobby for decades as a baseless scapegoat to attack a portion of the community that you view with disdain.

It’s not ok, post citation backing up your claims or stop spreading false information.

Without crossplay you would be searching in a smaller population which makes it harder to find players in your region and thus laggier. So the lag complaint makes no sense

Then so be it…? Again, what’s the big deal on adding optional block, i did pay for the xbox not the PC lmao…

So what’s the issue here…? If i wanna seafch in smaller population & laggier, id take that anyday over PC in rank :rofl: so let me… i dont see the problem here to let us have an option to block

What are you afraid of…? :rofl:

I mean it’s not like itll affect you will it…? It’s not like all xbox players will chose to block, i mean why would all xbox players block pc players…? If not then, again… whats the big issue giving few xbox players an option to block on the xbox they paid for rather than being forced to play & lose against PC…?

Oh believe me its the forced crossplay… :] wanna know how I know…? Get on the xbox, go see what happens to being arounr PC player in rank games lmao… or fortnite… whatever… hell even FN used to be smooth until introduced crossplay & then forced crossplay…

It was the most obvious thing… and you wonder why soo many multiplayer games that are forced crossplay have a ton of lag problems… :rofl:

Not sure what’d you meant by disabling it…? There is no disabile crossplay it’s forced silly wabbit… oh god i kiss those smooth times even when crossplay was introduced but optional… it lagged a little because everyone from multiple platforms wasnt forced on it…

Now we forced xbox to play as PC even though thats not what xbox players wanted or paid for… im still scratching my head for that awnser that no one awnsered yet on what’s the big deal on letting xbox players have a choice on xbox they paid for if want to block…

I still dont get why the rage… angry… hate… etc over this subject from PC players… what’s… wrong…? :rofl:

Oh btw… i think im on my 15th loss in a row new record! ;D

Sucks to have 40ms against a PC player… mostly playing for fun now it’s not really ranked game anymore, just a fun lil club to get smacked by PC players ;D

Apex, MW, Destiny 2, Rocket League, Overwatch, all received considerable feedback about severe lag after crossplay was implemented. They had to do massive updates to remedy it.

Do you really think this is one of the few things 343i got right the first time?

Post proof, cite your claims.

I can disable Crossplay in CoD and lag still exists. I can disable Crossplay in MCC and lag still exists. CSGO is entirely a PC experience, and lag still exists. Halo was a console only exclusive at one point and guess what?




I never stated it suggested there was a way to do it in Infinite as of the present. If I did, surely you’d be able to quote where I said it.

You gaslight others that lag exists only because Crossplay exists, now you’re overtly gaslighting people to believe that lag never existed on segregated consoles back in the day.

You’re not just misinformed yourself, you’re actually intentionally actively lying. At this point I can’t tell if you’re trolling for kicks or just a malicious spite filled individual.

Nobody is defending forced crossplatform play. You’re asking a question nobody is in support of.

The option should be available for those who wish to disable it.

Because you’re intentionally mischaracterizing people that you’re casting as villains while spreading lies about a lag free golden age that never existed.

Git gud?

Since when is 40ms unplayable?

I see this a lot too, but the issue is that lag persisted before Crossplay. There are many posts discussing latency issues in these games prior to Crossplay, Crossplay simply gave players a sacrificial lamb to rally around.