Lol ending to a game

A game of Infinity Slayer on Skyline just ended with me and another player melee trading to tie the game 600-600. I have never seen this before.

Edit: I’m sorry, but I never saved the game in theater. I just forgot.



Sounds exciting! Would’ve loved to see the showdown on video.

You had a draw? I’ve never heard about that before…

I don’t think I have ever had a draw on Infinity Slayer.

Yeah, I would think that at the very least the game would register one of the kills as happening a couple of milliseconds before the other and give that team the win.

Dat netcode tho.

Wow… the odds… cool.

I found it ,digging through your Waypoint service record… let’s see if this link works… Linky

It does! Give a few seconds to bring up the game… I know this isn’t the same as a Theater clip, but it’s proof… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone really good at math please calculate the odds of this happening xP

Didn´t this happened in one of the slayer games at AGL?