LOL 343i you need to read this BRO's

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I wish I could sit at the round table 343i sits at to discuss what changes should have been made to halo. and every time they come up with something stupid like “promethean vision”, I would just be like “really bro?” seriously i’m pretty sure 343i looked at halo reach forge and said “what can we take out of this” LOL seriously this game is like a severe down grade to what halo reach was. and how about those Yoink! grenade perks? “explosives and the other one that lets players have like 4+ gernades” lol LET LITTLE JIMMY GET A KILL SO HE DOESN’T CRY. cmon 343i stop babying the little squeakers.

And don’t get me started on the JIP, without a doubt the biggest tragedy to ever strike halo: Join in progress. Seems like every JIP game I have is a loss, about 90% of the time the kids who quit before I enter are playing against a team of 2.0’s LOL cmon 343, the first minute of the game is the most crucial one because one team gets all the power weapons and map control over another, you know NOTHING about halo and this stupid -Yoink- JIP is proof of that. Weapon despawn times are terrible, the banshee is garbage I can no longer flip in the banshee since it takes a nose dive 5 yards below before actually going upward. and dominion is a terrible replacement for invasion, I’ve won at least 5 dominion games in the timespan of about 10 minutes.

LOL just bring back invasion and add big team objective and return team objective to 4v4. You guys are so -Yoinking!- lazy no wonder the population for halo has decreased and the COD population has increased. you guys need to make updates quicker, and stop doing stupid garbage for little squeekers. LOL oh and one more thing, what was the point of the SR system? I got 130 in like a week man.

I get it, every little kid wants to be a 5 star general so you make the most pathetic ranking system (SR) I’ve ever and will ever see. and the CSR is so broken, I’ve won at least 20 games of flag in a row and i’m still a 30, It took me much more stress and effort to get a 50 in flood, just m ake it top 3 scorers rank up like halo 3 lone wolves. the top 3 scorers should not rank down at all that’s just frustrating.


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sorry I just typed it really fast, it’s nothing new, we’ve all heard this before.

> sorry I just typed it really fast, it’s nothing new, we’ve all heard this before.

And yet you felt the need to repeat it, with the title “LOL 343I YOU NEED TO READ THIS BRO’S”. Story of this forum.