Logged on, all ranks reset and reset to level 1

Not quite sure what’s going on? I was 19 last night and ranked in all playlists except swat. I’m now a level one?!??!

happened to me. restart your game or hard reset your xbox by touching the “on” button for 10 seconds. (can’t remember which one I did)

And it is fixed.

I had a similar issue. I reset my Xbox and it seemed to fix it

The servers are just being a bit funny today, for example I just restarted my game because I couldn’t use any Req points and now I’m a level 1 instead of 28. Nothing to be worried about I’m sure it’ll be fixed shortly. Also had a friend message me just now to ask if mine is working because his isn’t.

It’s Xbox LIVE … I guess it’s having some issues today

It’s on Microsoft’s end. http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/xbox-live-status