LOF is Recruiting!

LOF stands for Leaders of the Fallen are recruiting for Halo reach and Halo 4. We’re labled as a clan but we’re more like a gaming community. LOF is fairly new we have roughly 35-40 memebers right now, and we’re looking to expand. This is what we are looking for:

-18+ years old

It’s not mandatory that you change your gamertag, however we’d like you too…it just looks good. We don’t debate over skill set, or K/D, or rank. We do have officers in the clan who are to help with any situation. We have weekly meetings that are also not mandatory, but it’s a great way to met others in the clan. We’re still getting things together.

Look we’re gamers, we’re out to have fun. If you don’t like drama, and just want people to have fun playing the same things we enjoy. Come play with us a few times and just see what you think. We may not be what your looking for, but then again maybe we are! Message me if you like.

Have a great day!



so how can i join my good man?

Jus add me on XBL LOF DiRTY D


I would like to join my gt is my name of course I will add you some time today

Sounds good…Thanks for your interest in LOF!