LOD and Draw Distance

Hey Dev Team.

I know I have bugged you guys about this sometime, but I have not seen it addressed. The entire collection looks great in 1080p and I love other little improvements that you made such as lighting and colour. All of these required work. However, the draw and LOD distance have remained the same they were on the xbox 360. It is particularly bad in halo 3 when walking, fauna and grass just pop up a few meters away. Or worse yet, zooming in on the scope and everything magically appears. It would look beautiful if all the fauna and objects were visible from afar. These limiters were for the 360’s hardware. Why do these limiters still exist on the Xbox One? Surely the One can handle a LOD and draw distance towards the horizon without issue on an older game. This doesnt require work i do believe just to take away the limiter.

Thanks for your time and consideration.