Locus helmet code?

I have tried everything for a locus helmet code i was too late with the app and i pre ordered the game but it also messed me outta that it really sucks is there anyone generous enough to send me a PM of the code please? i think its a really awesome helmet and I’ve been trying for so long that almost gave up but i don’t want to cause there is still hope please help a fellow spartan out!! PLEASE!

Not trying to shoot you down, but in the Forum Rules, number 13 says, “You may not use the forums to trade codes, merchandise, services or any other tradable item.” I’m not a monitor, but I think this counts.
Have a good day.

H4 game of the year edition has it, if you are willing to pay for it. You get many other armor skins with it too.

What the two above said. Thanks guys.