Lockout and Construct had a baby!

Fountainhead is a map I’ve been working on for awhile now, it’s been on forgehub critiqued and revised. But everything can always be made better. Click the link to take you to the latest forgehub page, you’ll find a description, screenshots, and a Walkthrough/Gameplay video.
Direct Download:Fountainhead
Let me know what you think!
Here’s some quotes…
DaWorsePlyrHere - Wow… Lockout and Construct had a baby!
Securitym - Good forging… great job I give this map a HIGH.
V1rtualFlod - Love it. That’s an amazing map you have there!
Raptororieon - This map is awesome!
JGarb - Wow, usually I hate maps that have a bunch of platforms and bridges, but somehow I really like this map!

Looks impressive on first looks… added to download queue so I can check it out. xD

can’t see map hotel doesn’t allow file sharing but bet it’s good