Lockout (1:1, Perfect Remake)

Gamertag: YamaMX
Map name: Lockout
Gametypes: Slayer (Best for 2v2, 1v1, FFA), CTF, Oddball

Please watch the video provided as it has an in depth look, explanation and more:

It’s inevitable that a map as good as Lockout will be re-created countless times, though it’s also inevitable that it’ll be created inaccurately by memory just as many. This version was made with Halo 2 PC running directly next to it, line of sight for line of sight, trick jump for trick jump. This is a creation from the heart made for those who truly enjoyed the map back in the Halo 2 days.

I named the map none other than Lockout for a reason, it’s spot on. For example, through timely testing and monotonous placement, it has been created in that the player can shoot the barrels on top of sniper tower and catch the sniper in mid air, rinse and repeat. It is that accurate, every nuance matters.

While there are maps that expand the size for Halo 4’s speed and other intricacies (and I completely understand and support that), this version of Lockout is 1:1. While it still works well with standard Team Slayer, it excels at what it used to, 2v2, 1v1, FFA, etc. It also supports oddball and CTF (best played with OG capture settings, forged 1 flag, etc.).

Most of all, what made Lockout competitively appealing is retained without having to sacrifice visual fidelity in the process. It is as appealing as ever with it’s placement in space, each corner with a dramatic and stunning set piece.

Lastly, if you’re tired of browsing through remakes, kindly disregard this thread. If you can understand the amount of time, effort and heart that went into this project, I appreciate your input.


Very good work. You’ve got some z-fighting going on, though.

I like that you even have the barrels next to center glass, and you also have the open door in green room haha

Thank you, appreciate it.

I hear that a 2v2 playlist may be implemented early February. This would be the perfect usage of the map as it’s 1:1 scale fits the bill perfectly.

I sent out a PM, hopefully it gets somewhere. Community backing (you’ve all been excellent, not just here but in multiple outlets) is always beneficial.

That is class 10/10

> That is class 10/10

Thank you very much, glad you’re enjoying it!