Locking down certain game types behind special events is anti-fun, and will damage the health of Halo Infinite in the long run

With the Fraction: Tenrai special event, it’s become clear that certain game types will be locked within certain events that will play at certain times of the year. For example, Fiesta Slayer will be unavailable after this event ends.

Please do not do this to the Halo community. Special events are fun , and special gametypes can be employed in them, but Halo staples like infection, SWAT, and Rocket Race shouldn’t be locked away for months only to come out for a week at a time. They should be available all year round for anyone to play whenever they want to, without having to make a custom game.

My recommendation would be if you wanted special events to have more flair, rather than locking game modes behind them, make those staple game modes different or special in some way. Let me play Infection all year, but on Halloween, make the levels different or add some spooky elements.