Locke's and Chief's radar

In both of the trailers, we view their HUDs. Chief’s radar shows Locke as an ally, while Locke’s radar doesn’t have a single icon. I think this means that Chief views Locke as a potential/misguided ally, while Locke views Chief as… worthless? A simple quarry? I’m not sure what this means, but be sure to say what you think.

There isnt anything on any of the radars…

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> There isnt anything on any of the radars…

Actually there is, on Chiefs it shows a faint white blip.

> 2533274882881665;2:
> There isnt anything on any of the radars…

Look at the first HUD perspective in Chief’s trailer.

Nice observation. A very interesting theory. From the two trailers I feel like that is an important theme the story is trying to get at.

It could also mean that maybe chief’s trailer is what actually happens? Since the radar pics up everything that gives off action/movement within a surten size (reason to why small animals and bugs not showing) and then checks if it’s hostile or not. Chief’s radar picks up Locke because Chief doesn’t see him as a hostile, not a threat. Chief is looking down at Locke as someone minor.

Reason to why Locke doesn’t get bleeps is either because 1: What happens isn’t actually happening, it’s just a reversed imagination of Locke when he lays down with Chief’s gun pointed at him
2: Locke doesn’t know if Chief is either ally, foe or even existing at this point.

Master cheif saved the planet so many times before Locke is -Yoink- to the cheif :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we forgetting that it’s a motion tracker? Chief picks up Locke because he’s moving, Locke doesn’t pick up Chief because he’s stationary. It’s pretty straight forward.

Edi: My bad, I had no idea there were two trailers, I’d merely seen Locke’s. Speculate away.