Lockes abilities & spartan abilities?

When mike colter had his interview he said fans will see when he becomes a spartan he gets new abilities, what do you think it is he learned becoming a spartan that he couldn’t do before?

write out a list of stuff that you think he may be able to do, and yeah i know spartan abilities are in the game now perhaps shoulder barges and ground pounds but i mean think and write stuff you WANT if you were 343 having a meeting about what to put in the game and add.

personally i wouldn’t mind for custom games for them to add gravity manipulation like the didact has in his suit.

Personally, I’d like to see abilities that are more of an extension to the Spartans. For example, when they did evade and armor lock(without EMP) for them in Reach, those were the things that were set up for Spartans to use at any time in the novels or storytelling. I’d like to see abilities along those lines implemented instead of things like trip mines or bubble shields. I don’t have anything against them, it’s just the direction I’d like to see the gameplay go