Lockedown Company Recruiting

Hi, I’m Nowkin98, founder and leader of the Company Lockedown. This is a company aimed at making a competitive, enjoyable, and all around fun experience of Halo 5. If you would like to join, message me either on here, Twitter (@Lockedowncompny), or Kik (fnoah579) so I can invite you.

  • Leadership system run by Nowkin98 - An outside source for easier communication: Twitter, Kik, Xbox Live - A roster to set up a ranking system.(In progress) - A list of every members time zone, so you can find a team with ease. (In progress) - Scheduled events. - Custom games for competitive, or casual play. - Forge competitions. - Tournaments to compete against other fireteams within the group. - Co-op Campaign opportunities - Achievement hunts - And more…All of this awaits you with the Lockedown Company!