Locked weapon/armor kits shouldn't be a thing

its incredibly frustrating to want to change a look of a kit and not be able to. I got a HCS Kit because I enjoyed the team and their colors, not because I wanted to be locked to a preset armor customization

For weapons
You want to add the recon helm to your BR that you get from onyx rank? Nope screw you.
You wanna add a kill effect that you have to hit level 50 in the battle pass for? Nope screw you
And I’m assuming that changing the model will deselect the kit too, but since there isn’t any we cant know
3 of the 6 slots on the weapon become unusable because you paid money. That’s an incredibly trash system


For a system they bragged about being really customizable they sure did make the entire customization experience regressive & restrictive.

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I actually don’t have a problem with the kit being as is, my issue is not being able to use the coating and visor from the kit independently. The helmet and shoulders are in the pass, but the coating and visor are completely unique to the bundle and I’d bet most people bought the bundle just for the color.

They’d actually incentivize more microtransactions if they unlocked coating and visor use.

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I think you are mistaken with the helmet and shoulders being in the battle pass. While, yes, the Commando helmet is in the pass, neither the Commando nor the Security shoulders are in the current battle pass. So neither Emille nor Carter’s full looks can be accomplished outside of the kit and you can’t use the shoulders outside of the kits either.

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I’m talking about the HCS Kits, those use the MK7 core and you cant change the armor pieces,

Id assume the reason those pieces are not in the pass is because they’re being sold at a later date in the store iirc. I believe I heard they were leaked as being a store only bundle, I could be wrong though

Oh! My mistake then. Though I do agree it’s a problem, considering I prefer the starting MK7 helmet over the one in the HCS kits.

couldn’t agree more. Bought the cloud 9 skin and was hoping i could mix and match the coatings and visors with other sets but nope. Its locked to that one set and you don’t even unlock the base mark 7 armor either which is extremely stupid.