Locked to 30 FPS in HW2 Gameplay

1. What is the issue? : While playing Halo Wars 2, my FPS is always capped to 30 FPS in gameplay, everywhere else its unlocked.
My current PC specs are:
GPU: AMD RX 580 Series
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Ive made sure that no ingame settings could potentially be affecting the framerate, and that everything is running on the optimal settings. This currently happens in every gamemode with no way of determining why it happens personally.
2. What platform are you playing on? PC Windows 10 Edition
3. What’s your gamertag? SoundPulserino
4. What region are you playing from? NA
Note: A support ticket was sent over a week ago to their official support, all I got was a “were looking at it” with no other response.

Monitor e refresh rate???
Vsync activate??
You set Vsync off in game and in catalyst???