[Locked] No Longer Recruiting

Dead Clan, no longer recruiting

I am here to recruit for the Mando Eskarir, obviously. If you haven’t figured out already, we are a Mandalorian clan. We are currently looking for members that are willing to follow Mandalorian traditions and culture (cuz we’re nerds like that, well actually that’s just the leader). We look for dedication, discipline, loyalty, and skill. Although, if you aren’t great, we are willing to put in the work to help you, so long as you commit to it.

We use a house based system (you probably expected that). We currently have 4 houses in the Eskarir: Keldau, Saxon, Wren, and Cadera. Three of these four are open to anyone joining after passing some trials. The only closed house in the Eskarir is Keldau, the house of the Mand’alor, the Cabur, and officials, excluding the Aliit’alor of each house.


  • We are a Mandalorian clan
  • We follow the lore of the Mandalorians
  • We look for dedication, discipline, loyalty, and skill
  • We are willing to help new players

As always, we are not without our requirements.

  • You must be 14 or older
  • You must have Discord
  • It is preferable if you have a microphone (helps secure spots in clan activities besides training)
  • You must have Halo 5
  • You must be disciplined or at least semi-disciplined

Points of Contact:

The Mand’alor: Rune Marek
The Aliit’alor of a House: Kotyc Saxon or Renegade nc
A Mando Cabur: Code Meta or Ethan Luculent
A Jorhaa’ir or Elder: II Reym II or Fett v1

I am currently unavailable, so contacting another would be a better idea.

Happy hunting,
Kote at te Eskarir!

Dead Clan, no longer recruiting

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d provide an update on what’s going on with us.

Since the last post we have been slow burning and getting better. We have had a few inactives and higher ups removed from our clan for various reasons. We are now pushing a recruitment drive to swell our ranks. We are currently looking for discipline and skill. All other things can come later with training and practice. We want to gain some trustable and loyal higher-ups, along with skilled warriors. This is the best time to join if you want to join us in the Eskarir.

Points of Contact:

Xbox Live:
Rune Marek (leader)
Code Meta (protector)
Ethan Luculent (protector)
II Reym II (Lawspeaker)
Kotyc Saxon (Leader of House Saxon)
TEK9 Wolerine (Leader of House Priest)

Ethan Luculent (cuz I’m the only one that really uses Waypoint)

Ethan Luculent#9865
Rekr Keldau#9901
Code Meta#1052
Kyr’am Juha Priest#0239
<I will put Kotyc’s Discord here later>

Provide a new update for our dead clan

> 2533274921410217;3:
> Provide a new update for our dead clan

nah thanks. Sort of dead now so it’s pointless. Thanks for reminding me to lock up