Locked armor core

So i have the pass from season 2 but i never leveed it up to get the rakshasa core unlocked. I recently went back and leved it up to level 25 but the core is still locked and i can’t do anything with it even though i shpuld be able to.

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Did you purchase the Season 2Battle Pass? Cause I believe the Rakshasa is a premium unlock meaning it will only unlock if you’ve purchased the Season 2 battle pass.

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Yeah i purchased the battle pass

Hmm this is odd indeed but it wouldn’t be the first or last time something goes wrong with the Rakshasa armor core. I’d suggest sending over a Report Ticket on the Halo Waypoint Support page. Submit a screenshot of the Locked Rakshasa armor core in your report ticket, believe me it helps them get to the problem quicker if have screenshots to prove it.

Its not a premium unlock

I only brought it up as such due to potential probability, as it is rather strange that for the OP the Rakshasa Armor core is still locked even though they met the requirements.