Locke vs the Arbiter

So from what we know, Locke is a young, ambitious, ONI Agent who is probably trying to prove himself to himself and/or to the UNSC. Is it possible that we’re looking at a Thel vs Tartarus rivalry with Thel and Locke in Halo 5? I personally think that Locke is going to end up getting f****d up by the Arbiter or by Chief at the end of Halo 5. He is a part of ONI, we don’t know his intentions but I can be almost certain that they don’t line up with the Arbiter’s and all but certain they don’t line up with Chief’s.

So then why is the Arbiter helping Agent Locke?
Could the Arbiter have some alternative motive? Does he need Locke for something? Let us not forget that the Arbiter is as powerful as the Chief and as brilliant as Captain Keys. Locke is clearly arrogant enough to think that he can use the Arbiter or that he can even try to compete with the Arbiter and Chief at the same time. It would be easy for him to play into Thel’s hands. But he know this isn’t an easy job.

What play is Locke actually planning? What is the Arbiter actually planning? And what does this mean for the UNSC? What does it mean for Master Chief?

We do know Locke’s intention. He’s looking for Chief, who has gone AWOL. I assume Thel’s helping him because he’s on Sanghelios. I highly doubt Locke has his own ulterior motive, as it’s been says he has doubts about the way his organisation operates.


I don’t think Locke is as stupid as to believe he can take on both the Chief and Thel. Judging by what i’ve seen in both Nightfall and its Second Stories, Locke seems like a really mature person who clearly knows what he’s doing.
Thel is helping Locke because it has to do with the Master Chief, whom he considers a friend. He even went to High Charity when the Chief went to retrieve Cortana.

Why do people keep making these threads? they are counter to what we’ve seen and been told about Locke’s character.