Lockdown is the dumbest gametype ever made

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No explanation needed, play it once and you’ll agree.

Who ever OK’d this garbage for matchmaking?

Just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean others don’t. Am I a fan, no not really but there are undoubtedly others who enjoy it.

Yeah man, I hate Legendary BR’s but it doesn’t at all mean it’s a bad gametype or everybody else hates it - I just way way way prefer Legendary AR’s

Well this is your own opinion.
I find Lockdown to be fun, fast, and exhilarating

Lockdown isn’t much fun when you’re matched with mindless and uncoordinated players. It’s a lot of fun when your team is working together and somewhat competent though.

I agree and disagree, to an extent. It’s fun to an extent, and then sometimes it gets way out of hand. I mean, I only played it once, and I thought it was kinda cool, but with all the enemies just flooding into the one base like CoD Zombies is totally hectic. I honestly like original dominion better.

Well, I’m trying to finish getting a 50 in dominion which is essentially impossible in a full team, and every random group of people always picks lockdown, which is just the most mindless stripped down version of the gametype possible.
When the objective is to literally do nothing other than rush one place, camp there until you die, then repeat until the game ends it’s just not appealing or strategic whatsoever, especially since the lack of radar forces anyone who doesn’t like getting surprised by a boltshot every five seconds to use promethian vision. It’s just so dumb, why do people vote for it?