Lock Please.

And also add a feature to delete your own threads. Plz

I’m thinking just Frag Grenades and a Forerunner-esque Plasma Grenade (Since Covenant tech is reverse engineered from Forerunner tech).

> So what grenade types do you want to see in Halo 4? I personally wouldn’t mind seeing spike grenades make a return, and I’d like to see the introduction of a tactical grenade, like a smoke grenade or small flashbang.

I like my smoke/flash is Counter Strike. I would rather see the return of the flame grenades. Feel free to post your idea in the Halo Feedback thread.

the search function is a wonderful feature. :wink:

i miss the flame granade

> the search function is a wonderful feature. :wink:

We need like a massive search bar in the gamma forums, or at least before you can post a thread you need to run a search of other existing threads…

> the search function is a wonderful feature. :wink:

Thanks, but I didn’t think to search before making this thread. I had just woke up, no need to be a jerk about it. Mods can lock it if they want, I would have deleted myself if given the option.