Local server lock

Thought i would jump back in the game and see how it has progressed, immediately get thrown onto a server on the other side of the world, how is playing with 200ms a fun experience? why is still in the game? Why cant i lock to my own local servers? No wonder people keep leaving this in droves. maybe ill try again in another year or two when they have sorted it out.


uuuh… well you see. the UI can’t handle being able to choose server selection. besides! it’s fun as it allows people to connect to anyone in an ‘whole new experience’. for you see, 343 knows exactly what they’re doing. they’re apart of an million dollar company whiles having six years to think and work on this masterpiece of an halo game. just shushhhh and accept the fact that this game wont be complete or 100% functional after their planned out 10 year cycal of content. 2 modes, and 2 maps every six months, with one ‘special and unique’ event. any bugs will be slowly worked on within their new idea of ‘drop pods’ which’l drop between major updates. think updates but… smaller
and issues such as high ping and desync are client side, your computer just sucks. try perhaps using an eathernet cable to account for their worldwide servers
||sarcasm is obvious||