Lobby matchmaking bug!

Hey 343, industries!

I hope this is the right section where i have to post this.

Playlist: Big Team Battle
Is this an exploit or broken feature: I think broken.

Describe the bug: So i was searching for a game and i found one but when the game loaded it was (stuck) it went back to the Masterchief loading screen and returned to the lobby section where you can select your game type

How many times has this happened? Did this happen once or multiple times: It happend al the time for me (didn’t leave the match/lobby) every time it loaded it went back to the lobby.

Do you have a relevant film in your File Share? If so, please include your Gamertag: I have it on youtube i forgot that i can record it with the xbox…
Source: - YouTube

I hope this is al the information that you guys need.
(sorry for my bad english, I’m dutch)