Lobby and in-game comms - and post game

Surely this must have been addressed by numerous other users, but I feel we need to spam 343 to death for them to implement some changes, because a month in, it’s really inexcusable that these things are not fixed yet, or even announced for a fix:

  • Lobby: Not being able to mute other players that are trolling other players by blaring loud noises; - Lobby: Not being able to browse between players; every other halo before could do this, pretty much any other online game as well. Along with point one crucial, so I can go on and ‘avoid’ those players that are noisy; - In game comms: very rarely I see who is talking in the bottom right corner, but more often not. Also in the scoreboard it will not show who is talking always. Very frustrating if you want to mute a specific person. I don’t want to mute my entire team, just the offenders. Scoreboard mic markers are very hard to see, would love them to light up when someone talks; - Post game: I dislike it that after the postgame lobby you get put into a completely new lobby. Like Halo 4 I would prefer the players to stay in the lobby unless they the leave themselves. I find this quick lobby switching very annoying if I want to team up with someone nice that I met in a previous game, because they usually don’t respond to game invites. And guess why this is: because in game they didn’t have a clue that it was me talking to them, because of points 1-3.laters!