Loads of new info on HALO:CEA, interview with Frankie by G4TV.

In a recent interview with G4TV.com about Halo CEA Frankie told us a few new bits and strongly hinted at others…

-Timberland has been confirmed as the other map seen in the CEA trailer.

> O’Connor confirmed that Anniversary will include seven multiplayer maps in all, one of which is dedicated entirely to Firefight mode. “Some of them are from Halo, maybe one is from Halo 2 and people have already spotted the Timberland map from Halo PC in there.”

-The new maps once downloaded to the Reach disc will be forgeable with new forge pieces.

> And hey, look at that: Forge is back too! Since the multiplayer side of Anniversary runs on the Reach engine, including Forge was an easy choice. It will, of course, be new and improved as well, at least as far as integrating content from Combat Evolved goes. “We’re putting new Forge build pieces in the maps,” O’Connor said. “A good example is Beaver Creek. You want to make that map a little bit bigger, so we’ve added some tunnels and stuff. In the classic mode it’ll be blocked off, but you can take that out in Forge. With the Forge, all the stuff that works in Reach multiplayer with work in the multiplayer component of this.”

-Flood Firefight strongly hinted.

> O’Connor teased one of those surprises specifically, an innovation relating to the game’s lone Firefight map, which is set on Halo. “We’ve actually been able to-- because of the stuff we’ve been playing with in terms of the base code, there’s something that we’ve been able to add to Firefight.” He wouldn’t go into specifics since the element is still being tested – “We’re pretty confident it’s going to make it in,” O’Connor said – but it is something “that hasn’t been seen before.” He teased, “It’s something that hasn’t been in Firefight to date, and it should make it a pretty compelling experience.”

-CE powered pistol hinted at for TU.

> Another example of a possible change that might come to Combat Evolved Anniversary is the fan-favorite pistol. While the overpowered little beauty will still be the same beast it always was in campaign mode, the multiplayer version might – emphasis on might – be changed a little bit.

-All new skulls for campaign confirmed.

> Skulls will be back, as we already know, starting with the previously announced Grunt Funeral. O’Connor confirmed that all of the skulls will be new to the series, though “some of them will do familiar things.”

-And suprises still to come!

> “More importantly,” he added, “we’re working on a title update for Reach and obviously for this that’ll allow us to add some of the classic functionality and gameplay from the original multiplayer component [in Combat Evolved]. In some ways taken backwards, taken back to the sort of simpler… more elegant Halo experience.” “We haven’t revealed what all of those pieces are that we’re putting in the title update because, frankly, we’re testing a lot of them right now. I don’t want to say we’ll have the original pistol back in multiplayer if some unperceived circumstance could come up during testing and it doesn’t work. But right now we’re pretty confident that everything we’re shooting for is going to make it into the title update. We’ll give that list out and sort of talk through it at Halo Fest on August 26.”

So, leave your thoughts and opinions below and lets see what we all make of this.

Thank you so much for this :slight_smile:

Good stuff, sir. Thank you.

I like what I’m hearing. Can’t wait until the end of this month to see what the TU consists of.

I’m interested in everything that the TU will bring to the table. I can’t wait to read about the changes. Also, glad Timberland is official, now.

Great information ! Thanks.

> Thank you so much for this :slight_smile:

Glad to help :slight_smile: felt so happy reading this, i lost some faith in 343 when there was server problems just one day after they take over but this interview has sent my hopes and dreams blazing ever higher


I’m so -Yoinking!- amped!!!

@Steven Eh I would probably take that off because it is considered leaked information. Really cool pictures though!


Very nice analysis. I wouldn’t have been able to find all of those hints by just watching those interviews, personally.

Really? That pic looks like The POA look at the marines they look like Halo Anniversery marines and the blast doors.

> Really? That pic looks like The POA look at the marines they look like Halo Anniversery marines and the blast doors.

We’re talking about the first pic in the album.

It would be cool if Guardian was going to be in it, everyones loves that map. :smiley:

> > Really? That pic looks like The POA look at the marines they look like Halo Anniversery marines and the blast doors.
> We’re talking about the first pic in the album.

I mean last.

Oh sorry man everyone linked to the first page but dam the POA looks much better.

Great info. Thanks for this.

Awesome. I am more excited about the TU than the actual game itself. I just want Reach to be fixed.

Changed in Multiplayer?