Wanted to crate this thread as a kind of poll.
Which loadout do you want to see in slayer?
Throughout the weeks of the beta they have changed the starting weapons for slayer. Week 1 it was AR/postol. Currently week 3 it is AR/BR.
Personally I like Assault Rifle and Pistol.
I want to see a slayer matchmaking where you DO NOT spawn with Battle Rifles. If you must, do slayer pro and slayer classic I guess that is acceptable.
Personally where I stand the Battle Rifle should be a map pick up ONLY.

Let’s all weigh in and limit the Battle Rifle to a map pickup the way God intended Halo to be!!!

AR/Pistol starts were my fav too. BR starts kind of just make picking up any weapons, other than power weapons kind of useless… unless you prefer the dmr (which i do) but i usually just trade my AR for it, to have dmr/br…

AR/BR starts are my favorite. They give you a fighting chance in pretty much any situation but power weapons will usually come out on top. Gives a great balance to the game. Not starting with a BR handicaps you from mid range and on. You shouldn’t be required to pick up a weapon if you want to have a chance killing anyone past close range.

I’d rather edit the BR starts gametype first. In its current state, it favors the BR more than anything else, causing more campy gameplay.