Loadouts for Warzone

Ok, so we all have that one REQ level where you go to a REQ station and do a complete overhaul of your starting weapons in Warzone (Mine is lvl 5) I’m not a fan of having to go through the horrendous and clunky REQ system 4 separate times to get the weapons/armor mods, and the laggy UI makes it even worse. You go right twice to get your Classic BR, but it only registers one and it gives you the Sentinel BR instead, which forces you to start over. It’s a rather infuriating process.

So I thought about Halo 4, and I thought up the idea of implementing 5 loadouts, which are customizable in the Spartan Hub, and only available to be used in Warzone (Or an option to use them in custom games could be added) Here you can customize your starting weapons and armor mods, while a small icon showing the REQ level required is shown off to the side. That way, you can quickly select which loadout you would like (Say you’re going for an armory, you can equip one loadout with silenced weapons and advanced sensors, or if you don’t need silenced weapons, you can easily equip another set.)

This way, it’s easier to change loadouts, and you can change quickly to a Kinetic SMG and upgraded shields if someone is quickly taking your base.