Loadouts for slayer/big team battle

I’ve seen alot of people who are split on this topic and was wondering why not make a playlist dedicated to custom loadouts for slayer or big team battle without going into warzone? Because I know ALOT of people do not miss the loadouts which I understand why, but me personally and alot of other people to miss them so why not make a playlist for it!

Are you talking about something like H4 where it had loadouts that you choose from?

I like the idea of personal loadouts in arenas with 16+ players, but not in 4v4 matches.

Personally, I don’t believe that as being very “Halo.” I like how everyone starts out the same, and it’s about weapon control of weapons that spawn on the map.

I really enjoyed the loadouts for Halo 4, and I know 343 were experimenting with them in said game, and yes I agree it would be a lot of fun to have the loadouts in Warzone, Big Team Battle and Customs

Personally I don’t care for the H4 loadout system. Also the more playlists there are the more the community divides and matchmaking gets worse.

I don’t mind As long as it only apply to load out wepons, have it as a social playlist, no attachments outside of scopes, and as well no armor mods

I’ll just be the one to remind us all that the loadout system in H4 was pretty broken. There would have to be a way to even the playing field since spawning with things like a carbine or plasma nades is a fairly large advantage in many situations.

Halo 4, One shot Boltshot, bring it back .

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> Halo 4, One shot Boltshot, bring it back .

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