Loadouts: Fair or Unfair?

Vertikull here,

I’ve been thinking about loadouts. In Halo 5, you know everyone but especially your opponents loadouts and depending on the stage, you can know what is available to you and your opponents.

This sort of consistency and the rushing for power weapons and different loadout weapons is a standard for Halo 5 and makes the game much more positionally strategic.

However, if loadouts were allowed, you could come out with a SMG, rush in and win an up close battle. You could start with a DMR/BR and out-range a magnum.

Loadouts make the game a more varied in the way you play/you face enemies. Would this help or hurt the Halo community but specifically the Halo 5?

It would make the game more varied but they would then get rid of Halo’s fair starts. Everyone starts the same so there is no imbalance as far as equipment goes.

Id have to say its realy bent on the situation.

A majority of the community would argue that competitive Halo relies on the idea of equal starts. Halo 4 is the perfect example of the many frustrations competitive players have with loadout based weapons. It becomes difficult to predict what weapons players have in various situations, and if you cannot consistently make accurate predictions than it seems that the whole system is tied to luck of the draw (or in this case spawned weapons). Some loadout weapons could be better than others for different uses and in a healthy loadout based game this is the standard. Some weapons hard counter others. Did the opponent win because he happened to have the correct weapon or because he outplayed me?

Equal starts and good team communication make it easier to predict the opponent’s weapons and position which really gets rid of the randomness that loadouts bring and it fosters a more visible skill gap.

fair starts is what makes halo halo, **DO NOT ADD LOUDOUTS TO MATCHMAKING,**but it could be added to custom games so that people who wanted loadouts could search and play a game with loadouts

One of the things that made people dislike Halo 4’s MP so much was loadouts. It’s not something that is considered particularly “Halo”, and is more associated with CoD. Halo 5 already has a place where you can select a loadout of sorts; it’s Warzone. I would say that since Warzone is supposed to be social, the spirit of the loadouts idea works there. But as for Arena, it should be same starts; everyone should start on equal ground, and then use power weapons to get their advantage.
No loadouts in Arena, please and thank you.

Loadouts should never return to arena. Warzone is fine though


They tried it in Halo 4 and it was heavily disliked by the community. I personally didn’t mind it, I honestly kinda liked it (I know, crazy right). But anyway, adding the loadout system revamped how Halo played and, from my personal set of rules on what changes can hurt or help a game, it broke one of the biggest rules, “If it changes the core gameplay, it’s bad”. so even though I happened to like it, I knew it wasn’t good for a lot of people.

Perhaps if it comes back, but is only available for custom games or a special arena social playlist, it would be fun.

To the “fair vs. unfair” point: in Halo 5’s system of RNG determining what you have and don’t have, loadouts would be quite unfair. Luck would be the main determining factor as to what someone has available for their loadout, and since not everyone who plays Halo 5 has 100% of unlocks, that would mean that not everyone has access to the same loadouts. Now, playtime does play a role in unlocks in Halo 5; people who play a lot are more likely to have all stuff unlocked by now. However, compare two people both at, let’s say, SR 90; in Halo 4, they would probably have the same available things to put into loadouts (not including specialization perks, but they’d be in the same tier at least). In Halo 5, two SR 90 players could have a vastly different set of unlocked items due to the random REQ system. At that point, I feel like it loses fairness.

I like load outs, but maybe not how you get them. The fact that you get them through a RNG is not cool, as I have gotten almost all of my bad AR and BR varients, but none of the good ones. This really hurts me in late-game stages, as everyone out-guns me and I get a string of 5-6 deaths at a time, If they made it so you used REQ points to directly buy load outs that helped your playing style, that would be much better.

I like that everyone starts as equals and winning is usually more about strategy and working as a team than just out gunning others. This is one of the reasons Halo is the only FPS I actually like. In games like COD, there just doesn’t seem to be much team effort. In COD it isn’t as much strategy to me as it is just whoever shoots first wins. What keeps my interest in Halo is learning the maps, learning where the power ups are and learning how to work with my team. The team aspect is what just really makes it a blast for me. I feel like Halo takes a lot of thinking and learning and that keeps me more invested in the game. Other FPS get boring fast to me because it isn’t as engaging as other games types.

They are mixed with me its nice how they can help you choose your favorite weapons but the loadouts are trying to be like a modern FPS which is something I really don’t like I am not mad about it or happy about it I am mixed about it but still I can see why people like and hate them in Halo not to bad but not to great Halo reach sorta had something like that but it was not like halo 4 or halo 5.