Loadouts Broken or Unbroken?

After playing the game for about 3 days, nothing irritates me more than coming across someone with a light rifle or a boltshot. I’m now using the boltshot because its the best in slot, nothing that can be done about that. Light Rifle however can arguably not be an issue. I really only get frustrated with it after I’ve been outplayed several times. Now looking at the loadouts overall, most of my frustration with this game is the fact that players can now spawn with whatever they want, making the game not feel like Halo in a way.

My main issue is how much more powerful the AR and fully automatic weapons are in Halo 4. I remember in Halo 3 I would be charged by someone using an AR and I could still out gun them with my BR. A player should still be rewarded for being better or more skillful instead of being handed an easy mode. A player should be rewarded for being able to land shots with a precision weapon. Nerfing the AR wouldn’t do any good either and it’s certainly not a power weapon, its just an irritating feature with the new loadout system.

One of the most ridiculous things though is the boltshot. The fact that you are able to spawn with a weapon that has the ability to 1-shot a target boggles my mind and is complete assenine. Why would you put that in the game as an initial weapon? Not really sure how nerfing it would fix it either, because nerfing it would just lead to people not even bothering to use it. Still the fact remains, skill should be rewarded as usual, and loadouts seem to break that ideal. Just my thoughts, oh well, great game anyways.