Loadouts and specs

Why is it every time I play my load outs get wiped? Gets annoying having to redo them every time I play. Also, what’s with my specializations disappearing… I finished pioneer and went to choose another and could only pick wetwork and operator… I’ve got the legendary edition Ffs…

My loadouts keep resetting to the default DMR, Pistol and Frag also. I am getting tired of having to reconfigure my loadouts every time I play the game.

Halo 4 has an amateurish feel to it with many areas lacking polish and issues like the above and flatout broken matchmaking that shouldn’t exist at all.

The lack of 343i dialogue with the community since launch has been disturbing and the population is rapidly dwindling.

Agreed. 343 has to say something to calm everyone down. Being silent is going to help at all.